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my art work is not free to use
especially my dolls


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: in the hell of america according to Robot Chicken
Favourite genre of music: rock
Personal Quote:
"Soup, it never catches fire." ~ me
"Yea, Biology, we learn about stuff to find out how to better destroy it." ~ my bros friend

Commissions are closed

Please, oh please send me a note if you used one of my traced bases. I really don't like it if you put it on my front page.
i will block any links on my front page!
hey, you can still catch my wips and what not on

Tagged by Thepurplehunchcow
1. You have to post these rules.
2. Answer the 10 questions from the person who tagged you  then make up 10 questions of your own.
3. Choose 10 people to tag and put their icons on the journal entry.
4. Go to the 10 people's pages that you tagged and let them know they have been tagged in a journal quiz.
5. You have to tag 10 people.
6. Everyone who has been tagged has to make up 10 questions of their own and tag 10 other people.
7. No "tagbacks" (Tagbacks are tagging the person who tagged you.)
8. You can write the answer to your own questions. Just make sure to write "my answer" next to them.
9. List the person's icon who tagged you above the rules.

1- Favorite color? Mwhahahahaha!
blue, anything in the cool range

2- Do you like to role play?

3- What is your favorite emoticon?
= D

4- If you could be trapped where ever you wanted, in whatever time you wanted, with one person of your choice to always be there with you forever, then where, when, and who would you pick?
Mmmmmmmm, idk.  I don’t have a specific place or time in mind.  Probably somewhere colder, so that mosquitos would not bite me as much.  The person though, would be a newer anime thing that I watched not too long ago and that would be Sinbad from Magi.  I have a soft spot for men with long hair.

5- In a general way of things, do you consider yourself or others to be the weird one(s)?
I consider myself to be weird, way before it became popular to say.  I’d be like, ‘just a warning, but I'm really weird, so don’t mind me.’

6- What position do you sleep in? (Hm . . .that probably sounded kinda creepy.)
On one of my sides is where I usually fall asleep, curled up in a ball, hugging another pillow.  It’s a great way to get yourself warm.

7- What's your favorite animal?

8- If your life was a story, and you were the hero would it be a book, movie, etc and what genre?(Ideally anyways, since most people's lives aren't interesting enough to actually make into a movie)
I’ll start with the genre, it would be a mystery or thriller.  And since I see moving pictures every time I close my eyes, I’ll have to say a movie.  And I would be like the anti hero, or something like that, but still the main character in it.

9- Do you cry at books or movies easier?
Movies, gosh darn those movies.

10- Are you ticklish, or one of those weird none ticklish people?
Sorry to say, I am one of those weird non-ticklish people.  After years of tickle torture that my family has put me through, has made me non-ticklish.
  • Mood: Tired

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Lulu-First Encounter by ShinanaEvangelian
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Hello~! *waves* I really like your artwork. Btw, you wrote to ask for trades so... maybe you want to do trade? :-D
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Just passing by to say that your work is FLAWLESS and I'm seriously a huge admirer of everything you do. <3
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Hey, I tagged you in a thing. Have fun. :)
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can i have a art trade ?
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